As an independent, director led organisation LGL is well positioned to provide an unrivalled level of service to its clients, whether they are listed companies, privately owned companies, asset management structures or private equity portfolio companies.

LGL provides specialist professional trustee services as part of incentive based structures for all types of corporate or fund entity.

These structures may take the form of a standard employee share trust in relation to a share plan or as a warehousing vehicle in the case of a private company or portfolio company. In addition to provision of trustee services to corporate clients, an ancillary service that can also be offered is the provision of a nominee. This can be required for a number of reasons and can provide additional flexibility for the employing company or their employees. One area of increasing popularity is in relation to post-vest holding periods in relation to awards under a share plan.

LGL are entrepreneurial, flexible and commercially minded to provide pragmatic solutions to client requirements. As a truly independent provider, we are not restricted by in-house pressure over choice of broker, plan administrator or bankers.

Hedging requirements – as an Employee Share Trust ultimately holds and delivers the value in relation to a share plan award, it is a fundamental part of the corporate’s planning and budgeting process. This is demonstrated in its truest form by the hedging of awards within the Trust. We can provide expert assistance with the hedging process.

  • Employee Share Trusteeship in conjunction with established share plans
  • Warehousing and provision of an internal market for private companies
  • Nominee services
  • Carried interest administration
  • Employee ownership trust
  • International savings plans
  • Long term incentive plans
  • Deferred bonus plans
  • Restricted stock plans
  • Approved and unapproved option plans
  • Global purchase plans
  • Joint shares ownership plans